Monday, August 13, 2018

Infiniti Defines Luxury Performance

Comfort is assuredby taut, refined dynamics and drive assist technologies on the QX80.

The QX50’s multi-tone color combination of the top-of-the-line Autograph interior is said to have been inspired by wood, sand and water.  

Sunday, August 12, 2018

German Automakers Keep All Options on the Table

Both new model sedans and crossovers are in store from Germany’s auto manufacturers.  The expansions and introductions seem to be either at one end or another—small and compact, or large and luxurious.

American Automakers Put the Focus on Trucks, SUVs and Crossovers

Now that trucks, SUVs and crossovers deliver about the same fuel economy as a sedan did just a few years ago, why not go instead for a vehicle with a bed or fold-flat back seats for hauling cargo?
At GM, growth in truck and crossover models have been offsetting its losses in sedan sales. A total refresh on GM’s top selling crossovers across all of its brands last year assures that these segments will continue to bolster the bottom line.  At Chevrolet, the sales leaders have been the Silverado pickup, followed by the Chevrolet Equinox small SUV.  GM’s premium brand, Buick, reports that 40 percent of its sales can be attributed to its small SUV, the Enclave.  In Spring Hill, Tennessee, home of the GMC Acadia, a third shift was added at the factory to meet increased demand.  
Chevrolet’s Teen Driver software allows parents to set limits and track driving behaviors. 

A Utility Vehicle For Every Buyer’s Wish List

Utility vehicles are still the hottest segment in the U.S. automotive market, and competition breeds a buyer’s market.  It seems that manufacturers have anticipated just about every need and desire and packaged options and trim levels accordingly. 

All-Weather-Capable, Three-Row CUV on a budget.

Check out the Mitsubishi Outlander and invest a little of the initial savings to get the top-trim GT for about $32K.  It delivers the more powerful V6 engine that increases the tow rating, a multi-view camera system, heated steering wheel and the option of adding the Touring package. 

A Look Back at 2018’s Headline-Making Vehicle Introductions

Electrification Milestones

Chevrolet Bolt is among the first to bring a true long-range electric vehicle to the mainstream market.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Can’t Decide on Buying a New Truck Or a New Toy?—The Newest Jeep Wrangler IS BOTH!

By Nick Smirnis

It’s been ten years since the Jeep introduced the Wrangler JK, so it is a somewhat momentous occasion to see the words “new” and “Wrangler” next to each other. But the new Wrangler JL is here and I had the opportunity to drive it in Marana, Arizona.

 Normally, vehicles enter a period of nonproduction, then receive a major update followed by two or three “face lifts” throughout their production cycle. But the Wrangler is no normal vehicle. No other vehicle has higher demands from after-market modifiers or more legacy to live up to, and nothing else out there seems to suffer the same scrutiny when it’s time for a new generationAs such, I won’t refer to the Wrangler JL as the 2018 Jeep Wrangler, since the vehicle sits well outside many conventions of the automotive industry. Most of the changes discussed here will remain true to the Wrangler for the foreseeable future.

A Truck For Everyone

For Texas Only:  The Ram 1500 Lone Star nameplate returns for 2019.

Look and You Shall Find It!

We heard a Ram Trucks executive refer to the new engineers behind the scenes designing and building the newest half ton pick-ups as “paradigm pioneers.”   Ram engineers have done a superb job at anticipating the wants and needs of half-ton pickup drivers.  That has paid off handsomely for Ram, establishing it as a true contender in an arena that has long been dominated by Ford and General Motors.  Industry experts say that after separating the truck division from the Chrysler Dodge nameplate in 2009, Ram has carved out its role as a leader by breaking the mold of what a truck should offer and proven that people are willing to pay more for their truck purchases, too.